Wine Slushies, Swimming and Fireworks!

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Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th!I thought it would be fun to start sharing my weekly recaps with my followers. Last weekend Andrew and I decided to on a lunch date. We thought about going to a local restaurant, but it was an outside restaurant and it’s the beginning of July in the Midwest. Once we saw the weather, we quickly changes our plans and decided to go to one of our favorite places instead! We ended up going to The Grafton Winery located in Grafton, Illinois. Let’s just say I was sweating buckets by the time we arrived but it was worth it because they were serving blackberry wine slushies (& they were the bomb)! I don’t drink very often but occasionally I love to go out and have a glass of wine. After we ordered our delicious blackberry slushies and a bottle of apple crisp wine we decided it was time to order some lunch. We ordered an appetizer of loaded french fries, then I ordered a regular cheeseburger (which I didn’t realize came with homemade chips), and Andrew decided on the bourbon cheeseburger and homemade chips. It ended up being a lot of food but all of it was absolutely delicious! Later that afternoon we went and visited with Andrew’s dad and some of his friends in his hometown. It was a pretty great Saturday!  Sunday we had a relaxing day! We hung around the house and went swimming in our pool, then we watched a few episodes of Drugs inc. on Netflix (highly recommend) . Later that evening, Andrew worked on his online class, which no one wants to do in the middle of summer. We ended the night relaxing, and went to bed early in preparation for the beginning of the week. Andrew and I were both lucky enough to be off work on the 4th! We decided to take it easy during the day and spent the afternoon in the pool with my family. I spent  most of my time on my amazing watermelon float working on my summer tan (yes, I applied my SPF). Then that evening we went and watched fireworks. Last year was Andrew and I’s first 4th of July together and we were lucky enough to be able to spend it together again this year. It was actually one of the first holidays we got to celebrate together in person. Andrew and I have been together since December 2016 but he was stationed in the Air Force in Florida which made our relationship long distance because I lived in Illinois. We celebrated Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s day, and Easter over FaceTime. He decided to join the reserves and came home last June. This year was really special knowing it was our second time celebrating the 4th of July together. My 7 year old cousin was prepared for the evening and she gave us all a red, white or blue bracelet to wear. (Note: she personally added the red, white and blue hula flowers to each bracelet). But then 10 minutes before the fireworks were over she collected her bracelets back to play with. (Typical 7 year old lol) I forgot to bring my Canon camera, but here’s some pictures I captured on my iPhone of the evening. The fireworks were absolutely beautiful and they lasted for at least 30 minutes or longer! Overall I had a wonderful weekend and 4th of July! I Hope you all did too!

Question for you

1.) How was your weekend and 4th of July?
2.) Friends from other countries when do you celebrate?

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  1. I absolutely love your pictures. The wine slushies sound delicious paired with the loaded cheese fries… yummy. Thanks for sharing. You had a beautiful week.

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