8 Tips to help you drink more water

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Click here to check out the Toplus Water Bottle 

If you ever see me you will probably notice that I’m carrying a container of water with me almost everywhere I go: to work, to the gym, and to anything outdoors. When I go to restaurants/bars I almost always order a water first and then if I want something else I will order a second drink.  Since I started drinking more water I have felt so much better! There are so many benefits of drinking more water. 

Just recently I purchased a new water bottle off of Amazon (I Love being a prime member). My new Toplus Water Bottle was only $11.99 which is very affordable for a 17 ounce water that is vacuum insulated, stainless steel, dishwasher safe, BPA free, scratch proof, shock proof and rust proof. The water bottle itself comes in 4 different colors: Sliver, Black, Gold and Blue. I got mine in the royal blue color since its my favorite color. The water bottle itself is very light which makes it easy for me to take just about anywhere and everywhere. 

Click here to check out the Toplus Water Bottle 

Tips to help you drink more water:

Bring a bottle with you everywhere you go: 

Try bringing a water bottle with you everywhere you go whether it be to watch tv around the house, to outdoor events, to work, to school etc. Sometimes the reason we aren’t drinking more water is because we didn’t bring water with us in the first place. By bringing a bottle with you everywhere you go, you are more likely to create a habit and drink more water throughout the day.

Ask for water when you go out: 

When you go out to a restaurant or bar ask for water before ordering any other drink. How many times do you order a drink and not finish it when you go out? Try ordering water first and drink it and if you still want something else you can order a second drink. Remember that water is always free at restaurants/bars and soft drinks cost around $2-6 depending where you’re located.  So not only are you saving calories you’re also saving cash!

Add different flavors: 

If you get tired of drinking plain water day after day try adding fruit or squeezing fruit juice into your water such as lemons, limes, or oranges. I personally love adding lemons and oranges.

Use an app or notebook:

If you have a smart phone try downloading an app on your phone that lets you log the amount you drink daily. I use my Fitbit app to keep track of my water intake but there’s also apps such as: My water balance, Drink water reminder, or Waterlogged.  By downloading an app it will help you stay more accountable and see how much water you are drinking daily. If you don’t have a smart phone I would suggest getting a notebook and write the date down, draw several cup illustrations that stand for 8 oz’s of water and fill them in with a pencil or pen to keep track of what you drink. 

Exercise more: 

Try adding in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. There’s so many activities you could try to incorporate in your day. Try going to the gym, for a walk or run outside or take your kid to the park and chase them around. When you add exercise to your daily routine you will begin to sweat more and you will need to drink more water to stay hydrated. 

Drink a glass before every meal: 

Always grab a glass of water before every meal. This will help keep you full longer so you won’t consume as many calories during your meal. Sticking to this habit could eventually lead to increased weight loss. 

Set reminders on your phone: 

If you can’t remember to drink water throughout the day start by setting little reminders on your cell phone. By setting reminders everyday you will get notifications when its time to drink some water. Eventually you’ll start drinking more water and creating a habit (It takes 30 days to create a new habit or break one) and you wont need to set reminders once that happens.

Reward yourself: 

Sometimes it’s always nice to reward yourself for accomplishing your goals. Set small goals for yourself to drink more water. If you do good and accomplish the goals you set for yourself then reward yourself for doing good. Buy yourself a new water bottle, get a new outfit, have a cheat meal. By rewarding yourself you will keep wanting to do good so you can reward yourself again.

Questions for you:

What’s your favorite activity that causes you to drink more water?

8 thoughts on “8 Tips to help you drink more water

  1. Best one yet! I’m going to start using these tips regularly to get healthier! Thank you!

  2. GURL! Yes! I’ve been really increasing my water intake and it’s been GREAT! I’ve had so much more energy as a result! And one of my FAVORITE ways to actually get my recommended amount is the Plant Nanny app! I LOVE that app so much! The reason is because they literally give you little plants that you have to keep alive by drinking water. If you don’t drink enough water, your plant dies within 3 days…. 🙁 And it’s SO sad! So I’ve been doing this now for months and it’s been wonderful! It’s free and I TOTALLY recommend it! <3

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