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If you love taking bubble baths or if lately you’ve just need some time for yourself then you should check out The Bath Benefit.

I was lucky enough to be able to work with The Bath Benefit and test out an October subscription box. When I received my October box it arrived very quickly and it was packaged beautifully and everything was safely packed so nothing would get broke. It came with several items and a written note and a sweet brochure explaining the products in the box.  The first thing I did when I got the box and opened it up was smell all the different products and they all had their own unique smells that smelled wonderful. 

Below I will talk about each of the products that was in my October box and what I thought about each one once I tested them out:IMG_9095.JPG

Lilac Bath Bomb: The Lilac Bath Bomb was the first ever bath bomb that I had used that wasn’t super colorful. But I didn’t mind because it smelled fantastic and still turned my bath water from clear to white. My sore muscles also felt very relaxed after using this bath bomb.


Sugar Scrub: The sugar scrub came in a sealed container and the lid twisted off. It looked as if it was going to smell a pumpkin smell or a vanilla but I was  pleasantly surprised that it smelled like a soft mint smell which still smelt amazing. I used the sugar scrub on hands first after I got them damp then I added a small amount to both sides of my hands and rubbed them together afterwards I rinsed them off with warm water and they felt extremely soft and smooth.

Pumpkin Spice Candle: I was really excited about their being a candle in my box of goodies, and I was even more excited when I found out that it smelled like fall in a jar! I burned my candle for several hours and was really excited to find out that it can burn up to 40 hours… now that’s a lot of bubble baths! 


Green Clover Field Soap: When I first looked inside the my box of goodies, I wasn’t quite sure what this was but It smelled so AMAZING, then I decided to read the brochure and saw that it was a bar of soap. I couldnt wait to give this a try because of how amazing it smelled. I am someone who really likes homemade products and homemade soaps because they usually don’t break me out.

Grapefruit & Orange Lotion bar: When I read the label of this I couldn’t believe my eyes? Finally a way for me to put lotion on my body without having to put lotion on my hands… because if you know me at all I really hate the feeling of lotion on my hands and I’m not really sure why? haha. When I used this product it made my skin feel so soft afterwards. IMG_9090.JPG


Overall I was extremly impressed with The Bath Benefit Subscripton Box and I think if I had to choose my two favorite products out of the box was the Grapefruit & Orange Lotion Bar and The Pumpkin Spice Candle.  If your interested in joining this supbscripton box you should use my code “WEED10OFF” for $10 off your first box. The Bath Benefit has two box options as of right now. They have small box option for $29.95 a month and it comes with 4-5 items and then they have their premiere box for $39.95 a month and it comes with 6-7 items. 



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  1. Thanks, Emily, for reviewing our box! We are thrilled that you like it and we hope your followers will take advantage of the awesome deal you’re providing with the coupon code!

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